casinos that offer you bonuses on your birthday

What เว็บสล็อตแตกง่าย 2021 ไม่ผ่านเอเย่นต์ is a casino birthday bonus and how can you get one
In addition to well-known no-deposit welcome bonuses , online casinos sometimes offer a casino birthday bonus to the most loyal players to play risk-free, i.e. no deposit. This casino anniversary bonus may differ from one period to another and depends on the intensity of the activity carried out by the player on the site.

Your casino birthday bonus is offered for activity carried out on the site and is offered on the anniversary of a certain period of activity on the site. Your birthday casino bonus can be received after 1 year of activity, after 2, after 3, or even after 5, depending on the respective casino. However, your casino birthday bonus can also be received on the occasion of your birthday.

Such a bonus can consist of money or free spins on certain slot games. Usually, the anniversary bonus is easily received, the player having to claim it by pressing a button in a pop-up window or in the bonus section, but to be eligible for the bonus, it is very important that the player has a verified account.

Top 8 casinos that offer a casino anniversary bonus
To give you a clearer idea about the casino bonus for your birthday, we selected 8 of the casinos that offer it and synthesized the most important information from each.

Important to note is that most of the time, the anniversary bonus is not shown on the casino’s promotions page because not everyone can claim it (you have to be an active casino player), but already loyal players of well-known casinos say they get birthday bonuses from their casinos.

After a little research, here are the casinos I found out that offer a birthday casino bonus:

#1. Netbet Anniversary Bonus
If you are tempted by the Netbet Romania casino offer , find out that here you can receive a bonus on your Netbet birthday. If you have an account, you can receive a Netbet anniversary bonus consisting of a free bet of 25 ron or 100 Netbet points.

Your Netbet birthday bonus has no wagering requirements. The 100 Netbet points can be used in the casino’s VIP shop, where tickets, bonuses can be purchased or even converted into real money. One of the conditions is to have a verified account.

netbet casino logo
Welcome Offer
5,000 RON Bonus + 650 Free Spins
Bonus Code: 1NB, 2NB, 3NB, 4NB, 5NB
Use a Netbet bonus code on your first 5 deposits and enjoy the bonus!
#2. Your Maxbet birthday bonus
And here players get a Maxbet bonus on your birthday. At the moment, your Maxbet birthday bonus is not officially mentioned on the site, but players who already have an account at this casino state that they receive a birthday bonus at Maxbet that differs from one period to another and can consist of cash, freebets or free spins. Make sure you have your account verified at Maxbet online and that you don’t remain inactive for long periods.You will receive Superbet bonus on your day if you choose to be a player of this casino. Your Superbet birthday bonus consists of 100 RON that can be used in the Games and Live Casino sections. One of the Superbet bonus conditions for your birthday is to have an active account and place at least one bet in the last 3 months.

Another condition for receiving a Superbet your day bonus is to successfully complete the account verification process and make at least one deposit. Bonus it’s your day Superbet only needs to be run once before it’s withdrawn, which is a big advantage.

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